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Hard to Get

Given supply shortages, which products are the most difficult to procure, and what are your swaps?

Here’s what bakers and barbecuers around Colorado are swapping out:

“Honestly, right now meat has been so expensive and scarce that I’ve been steering more towards vegetable-focused dishes for my clients. It’s allowed me to not only be more creative, but to cook in a more sustainable way.” —Camille Shoemaker, private chef and pastry chef at Mountain Dweller Coffee, Frisco

“Our biggest issues are currently with paper and packaging. Our tabletop, takeout, and wholesale packaging have been spotty at best. We are constantly having to substitute different sizes of napkins, paper bags, delivery boxes (since we can’t reuse containers due to COVID concerns), catering bowls, platters, etc. Our presentation is no longer consistent, but we can’t help it.” —Beth Ginsberg, owner, Trompeau Bakery, Englewood

“We have had to substitute our ribs for a smaller trim. For our brisket, we have had to settle for upper two-thirds Choice at times (our usual spec is Prime). We’ve had all kinds of chicken wing alternatives and just take what is available. We do a biweekly wing special and have done duck wings once with that, but they didn’t perform as well.” —Jason Ganahl, owner, G-Que Barbecue, Denver, Lone Tree, and Westminster

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